Zenoah G43L-D

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The Zenoah G43L-D is an engine produced by Zenoah. It was designed with efficiency and reliability in mind and is hailed as one of the most reliable scooter engines ever available.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Trevor Simpson Edition Edit

The TS edition of the G43L-D is a modified version of the G43L-D was included on the special, Trevor Simpson edition of the Goped GSR40. The modifications included a ported cylinder and higher performance Walbro WYK-33 carburetor. It was identifiable by Trevor Simpson's signature on the fan cover.


The Engine.

Parts and Service.


One of Zenoah's most reliable engines made. It's been said that the G43L-D is a bigger version of the famous G23LH motor known for it's reliability.


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