The Tanaka Paverunner 400GS is the economy/low-emission scooter released by Tanaka. It shares nearly its entire design with the Bladez Moby S with the exception of the slightly bent handlebars of the Bladez Moby Cruz'r. The Tanaka Paverunner 400GS is equipped with the low-emission Tanaka 40 engine and the Bladez belt drive.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

oil/gas mixture was 50:1, however most people racing ran a 42:1 to 40:1 ratio

Belt driven reduction transmissionEdit

Bladez belt transmission

The Bladez belt drive transmission

Like the other Tanaka Paverunners, the Paverunner 400GS has a simple belt transmission which connects the drive shaft to the rear wheel. The double pulley, a heavy steel double gear, can be lightened to improve performance.


Rear PedalEdit


The throttle is a simple finger lever which operates a bowden cable which is routed down through the support pole and deck to the carburettor of the engine.



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