The Tanaka 47r is a 46.5cc 2-stroke engine that was designed for high performance scooters and go karts. It has various improvements over the Tanaka 47, including stock porting and a high performance carburetor.

The Tanaka 47r is one of the most reliable high-performance 78mm clutch engines ever made.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


The Engine. The Tanaka 47r ceased production in August of 2007. At the time of writing[1], there are still new engines on retailer's shelves.

Parts and Service. Since [[[Tanaka]]] is a power equipment manufacturer and parts are easy to come by and will likely stay like that.


If there is anything this engine is known for, it is its reliability. [[[Tanaka]]]'s engines are known to grow stronger/faster over the years and this engine is no exception


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