The Tanaka 40 is a 39.8cc 2-stroke engine. It is part of Tanaka's "Purefire" series, a series of motors which are designed to lower emissions to meet E.P.A. and C.A.R.B regulations.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Displacement: 39.8cc
  • Piston Rings: 2
  • Compression: 7.2:1
  • Transfer Ports: 2
  • Reed: no
  • Carburetor: Walbro WYJ224B
  • Stock Carb Settings: non-adjustable
  • Oil Mixture: 50:1
  • Horsepower: 1.8hp @6500 RPM
  • Net Power: 1.3kw @6500 RPM
  • Rotation (output side): clockwise (recoil side)
  • Clutch Diameter: 78mm
  • Ignition System: TCI
  • Idle RPM: 3000 RPM
  • Max RPM: 11000 RPM
  • EPA Compliant: yes
  • C.A.R.B. Compliant: yes
  • Fuel Type: unleaded


The Engine.

Parts and Service.

The most reliable engine Tanaka has to offer on any of the BladeZ scooters. It will without a doubt outlast the chassis. Categorized more as a cruiser opposed to the Tanaka 47R which may require more maintenance.Edit