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Goped Hoverboard II 05-08-2019
Goped Stealth II 05-08-2019
15 Best electric scooter for kids 04-19-2019
Goped ESR750 Hoverboard Alitreonalitre 03-09-2019
Goped ESR750H
The Goped ESR750H is a chain driven, full suspension, electric scooter. It was designed as a combination of C.I.D.L.I. suspension system and the Goped ESR750. ...more
Goped GSR26R TheKorraFanatic 09-10-2018
Goped GSR26R
The Goped GSR26R is a chain driven, air tire scooter that preceded the Goped GSR29R. It was released shortly after the Goped GSR25. As opposed to the GSR25, ...more
Goped GTR Interceptor 07-26-2018
Goped GTR46i
The Goped GTR Interceptor is an on-road version of the Goped GTR. It sports street tires and higher gear ratio than its older bother. Check the GTR page for detailed info as this ver. only ...more
Goped Sport 06-13-2018
Goped Sport
The Goped Sport is nearly identical to the first scooter that rolled out of Patmont Motor Werks. It's extremely simplistic design and economy engine keep things simple. Nothing fancy ...more
Martin Monster Mini 06-11-2018
Martin Monster mini
The Martin Monster Mini is the only full suspension hard tire scooter available in the market today. Although there are limitations in the capabilities of the particular suspension setup ...more
Big Boy V6 MX Eddymetal 05-08-2018
Big Boy V6 MX
The Big Boy V6 MX is a large, full suspension scooter with a powerful, motorcycle engine....more
Bladez ION 450 2607:FB90:4AB7:6508:7125:456F:BC66:652A 03-30-2018
Bladez ION 450
The Bladez ION 450 is the most powerful of Bladez's small and light ION line....more
Goped GSR40 03-29-2018
Goped GSR40
The Goped GSR40 is arguably the most reliable scooter to leave the production floor of Patmont Motor Werks. It is powered by the Zenoah G43L-D engine, a reliable, Japanese, four port two ...more
Goped RIOT 2601:C8:8102:A590:87D:42A:D9B4:B67D 12-08-2017
Goped RIOT
The Goped RIOT was introduced along side the Goped GTR46 as a pitbike like "scooter". Like the GTR46, the RIOT features front and rear CIDLI suspension. ...more
Goped GeoSport 2600:1:F40B:3C2C:54C9:823A:1462:6E63 08-20-2017
Goped GeoSport
The Goped GeoSport was marketed as "just like the Sport, but lighter, faster, quieter and easier on the environment." The GeoSport was quite similar to the ...more
Bladez EX 350 05-27-2017
Bladez EX 350
The Bladez EX 350 is a small, electric scooter with air tires....more
Martin Monster Moto 04-02-2017
Martin Monster Moto
The Martin Monster Moto is a full suspension, chain driven scooter which inhertited much of its design from its older brother, the Martin Monster Beast....more