The Pro-Bike was produced by Scooter Pros. The Pro-Bike is made of a "runt bike front end frame with the rear swing arm replaced by a custom billet one." The billet rear swing arm is setup just like a sport rear end as you use a standard go-ped gas tank, 3rd berring support,long drive, spindle ect.

  • Motor: 22.5cc
  • Top Speed: 18mph
  • Range: ??
  • Clutch: n/a
  • Transmission: spindle drive
  • Tension System: na
  • Brakes: front wheel caliper brakes
  • Wheels: plastic
  • Tires: 6" hard tires
  • Handlebars: welded T-bar
  • Suspension: 1" front and 3" rear
  • Frame: 4130 chromyl

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This bike is intended for closed course use. When my truck was in the shop for an extended period, I resorted to scooters for transportation and errands. As you are sitting very low, other drivers often do not see you. A had many a close call, especially in busy parking lots. Adding a flag might be a good idea, but it's better to ride something else if you value your body parts.

You'll never have to replaceEdit

You may eventually have to replaceEdit

The Seat Made with a smaller profile bicycle seat, the Pro-bike is not very comfortable for more than a few minutes. As bike seats are universal, I switched it for a lladies seat with suspension (simillar to what is found on ESR upgrade.) That helped. Later, I bolted on a "hornless" saddle. It's not pretty, but much more comfortable.

The Fork The bike has a monoshock in the rear, and a front fork with built-in suspension. Nice touch. I have owned a few of the suspension forks and they do not last if abused. The fork is not made by PMW nor found on any of their scooters.

The Engine The stock G23LH motor is great for its reliability. However, it is not very fast. I upgraded to a Chung Yang GP290, which I use on all of my smaller scooters. Getting it all to fit took some time. There was limited space, so an offset intake mani was necessary. The throttle cable needed to be shortened and adapted. Update-- TGN has moved out of the scooter market and after cracking the intake, I was at a loss. Switched back to a standard manifold, and added a centrifugal clutch, aided by a Blastbillets spacer. Very smooth.