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GTR51 CVT Id10t 06-17-2008
Mounting a CVT on a Goped scooter is not a novel idea, but this project is the first to mount the CVT horizontally to keep the engine low to the back wheel. The Goped GTR frame poses a great ...more
Faster Gun'ed Id10t 06-06-2008
Faster_Gun'ed was built for a multitude of reasons. One of the main reasons for starting this was to win the Goped Nation build-off. By entering the build-off I had a dead line, ...more
GSR40 CVT Id10t 04-01-2008
This project details the modification of a Goped GSR40 with a pocket bike CVT and the incredible performance benefits experienced. The final ratio was 16.79:1 at its lowest ...more
Scooter Libby Id10t 03-18-2008
Scooter Libby
Scooter_Libby is based off of an Evo 2x. It is the first scooter I ever owned. The purpose of this project is to push a scooter over 50mph while still keeping it ...more