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Evo cam-link suspension 04-20-2010
Evo cam-link suspension
The Evo cam-link suspension system is a shock absorption device which acts as the front forks for a scooter. The suspension operates by the use of 4 links which allow 2 ...more
Evo two speed transmission Id10t 07-02-2008
2 speed transmission
Evo's two speed transmission is a marvel of scooter technology. This transmission successfully implements the reliability and power of a cog belt driven transmission and the versatility of ...more
ADA 49cc head-kit Id10t 03-21-2008
ADA 49cc headkit
The ADA 49cc head-kit is designed to be used on 49cc pocket bike engines, but is a direct fit for the Active 50 and Mitsubishi 52. It is designed to provide an increase in acceleration ...more
ADA CY42 head-kit Id10t 03-21-2008
ADA CY42 headkit
The ADA CY42 headkit is designed to be used on the Chung Yang R420 engines used on the Goped GTR40 scooters. It is designed to provide an increase in acceleration with additional ...more
Evo 1-touch tension system Id10t 03-21-2008
1-Touch Tension System
The Evo 1-touch tension system is a tension mechanism that is used on all Evo Powerboards' scooters It allows the user to adjust belt or chain tension with the use of only one hand and a ...more
Tanaka Power Pipe Id10t 02-04-2008
Tanaka Power Pipe
The Tanaka Power Pipe was designed specifically for Tanaka engines used on Tanaka and Bladez scooters. With minor modifications, this pipe has also been mounted on Active engines.

It ...more

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