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Martin Monster 10-03-2010
Martin Monster
Martin Manufacturing Incorporated was one of the founders of the scooter industry. Their entire line consisted of full suspension scooters of all types. As of August 2010 they ...more
Goped 07-09-2009
The Go-Ped scooter was invented and patented by Steve Patmont of Patmont Motor Werks (PMW) in 1985, and since then, PMW and the Go-Ped have dominated the scooter ...more
Chung Yang Chinesesuperhacker 04-14-2009
No image
Chung Yang is a Taiwanese manufacturing company that makes the small engines used on several Goped scooters....more
Evo Powerboards Id10t 06-25-2008
Evo powerboards
Evo Powerboards LLC is the 3rd generation of high performance scooters from Puzey Design. In order to market its highest performance line of scooters, Puzey Design created ...more
Bladez Id10t 02-20-2008
Bladez is a manufacturer of personal power equipment. They produce scooters, karts, mobility devices and fitness equipment....more
Boxer Id10t 02-17-2008
No image
Boxer is a US based scooter and kart manufacturing company formed by Santa Cruz Scooter Works....more
Zenoah Id10t 02-07-2008
Zenoah is a small engine manufacturer that specializes in efficient and reliable engines....more
Tanaka Id10t 02-06-2008
Tanaka is primarily a power tools company, but for a short time they were involved in selling scooters and karts. Their line was very similar to that of Bladez with nearly identical ...more
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