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Goped Super Go-Quad 11-25-2018
Goped Super Go-Quad
The Goped Super Go-Quad is a high performance version of the Goped Go-Quad. For this model, Goped added the Zenoah G260RC engine and aluminum alloy wheels....more
Goped Go-Quad 02-28-2018
Goped Go-Quad
The Goped Go-Quad is the first kart produced by Goped. It has a simple, spindle driven design....more
Goped TRQ Speculant 10-03-2010
Goped TRQ
The Goped Trail Ripper Quad is the first full suspension production kart. Goped used their C.I.D.L.I suspension to fully suspend both front and rear wheels of ...more
Bladez G400 Grandpaglyn 03-27-2010
Bladez G400
The Bladez G400 is the more powerful of the two powerkarts designed by Bladez....more
Goped GSR Go-Quad Id10t 02-20-2008
Goped GSR Go-Quad
The Goped GSR Go-Quad is a chain driven kart produced by Goped....more