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Evo two speed transmission improvement 03-20-2016
Sealed bearing and 2nd gear pulley
The Evo two speed transmission is not only a marvel for being the first in the industry. It is also reliable, easy to maintain and relatively easy to understand (in comparison with complicated ...more
Building a can in can muffler 11-04-2011
Can can muffler
This guide will show you how to construct a high performance, extremely low noise muffler for your small engine. In order to build this simple muffler, you will need a few very common tools, epoxy, ...more
Evo two speed transmission assembly Id10t 07-02-2008
2 speed transmission
This guide will show you how to reassemble your Evo two speed transmission after taking it apart for repair or cleaning....more
Making the Evo shifter adjustment more accessible Id10t 06-01-2008
Modified Evo shifter
This mod will be done to the routing of the stock shifter cable. Under normal conditions the adjustment to the shifter cable can be made at the thumb lever or the threaded bushing located by the ...more
Replacing split-rim wheel bearings Id10t 04-22-2008
The wheels of a your scooter take a lot of abuse. Even though the relative diameter of your wheel limits the abuse to your wheel bearings, they often end up picking up a lot of dirt and will need ...more
Chain maintenance Id10t 04-22-2008
Chain drive
A chain driven transmission is a simple piece of modern machinery that is designed to be stronger and more resilient to ground conditions that spindle and belt drive ...more
Adapting a CVT to a GSR40 Id10t 04-22-2008
A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is the holy grail of performance for two stroke engines. This is the case for two reasons: the two stroke engine's narrow ...more
Annealing Evo clutch plates Id10t 03-01-2008
Annealing Evo clutch plates
When it comes to clutch, brakes and other friction based systems, the more friction we can effectively produce, the better. Most often, soft metal interfaces will produce more effective friction ...more