Goped X-Ped

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The Goped X-Ped is a trick version of the Goped Sport which has been reinforced in order to handle the abuse of jumps and tricks. The X-Ped has a protective under-deck scrub board to mitigate the damage of doing "grinds." This product was discontinued in 2008 when PMW changed from Zenoah to Chung Yang engines. See the simillar Goped Super X-Ped.

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40:1 oil ratio

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You'll never have to replace the ignition coilEdit

You may eventually have to replace the tiresEdit

You should immediately replace the spark plug and fuel lines if the engine has not run in a while.Edit

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Released in 1995 the X PED had a reinforced frame With a secondary grinding deck it boasted new chrome aluminium wheels Chrome pullstart block off plate and the all new Zenoah G23lh motor Released in 1995 To replace the out dated REDMAX G2D motor used on older sport models. This model was only in production for 3 years then later replaced with the SUPER X PED racing Goped with the mighty G230Rc motor.

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