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The Goped Super X-Ped was the closed course competition version of the popular Goped Sport gasoline powered motorized scooter produced by Patmont Motors in the early 2000's. The Goped Super X-Ped was sold concurrently with the Goped X-Ped model. The main difference between the two being color and engine. The Goped X-Ped came with a Zenoah G23LH, while the Goped Super X-Ped featured a Zenoah G230RC. Both scooters featured thicker frames than standard models. In addition, "Bothy" forks, Goped branded billet wheels, dual compound (made in Italy) had grips, integrated grind plate, and motor protection bar were also some of the X-Peds unique features. In later versions the G230RC was replaced with a larger G260RC and later to and even larger but less relaible Chung Yang GPL290

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The newest version of the Super X-Ped now comes with a GPL290 engine and Plastic Mach12 Wheels.

The new engine now has a non-tunable carburetor to simplify and increase the reliability of the engine.

The change to plastic wheels has discomforted some. Patmont Motor Werks has responded by saying the plastic Mach12 wheels are unbreakable and can withstand the abuse of freestyle riding that the Super X-Ped is marketed towards.

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As with any Spindle driven solid tire Goped, make sure to adjust your EPW(Engine Protection Washers) to prevent any damage to the crankshaft.


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