Goped S25

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The Goped S25 is very similar to the GeoSport except that the clutch is missing on this model. Otherwise, S25 and Goped GeoSport are the same scooter.

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Front caliper brake

Rear engine compression

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Lever throttle

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As the tire wears down, the axle and tire must be adjusted so they are closer to the drive shaft. This is simply done with a quick-release mechanism found on all hard tired spindle driven Goped scooters.


The Zenoah GZ25N14 (aka Geo) engine is rated at 1.5 horsepower over the 1.2 hp. Zenoah G23LH (engine of the Goped Sport). With bolt-on modifications, Geos can be made quite fast. They archive more torque than the Zenoah G23LH as well. High performance parts are harder to come across because of the rarity of the GZ25N14cylinder design.

The Goped S25 (and all Geos) have a slightly larger diameter spindle (.685") than found on the Sport and Super Sport. This increased its top speed, which otherwise would be lacking, due to the weaker engine. However, all 2" spindles are interchangeable.


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The geo engine as it is one of the most reliable ever on a goped scooter.

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