The Goped Liquimatic is nearly identical to the Sport scooter with the exception of an oil filled torque converter system. The Liquimatic's torque converter (referred to by PMW as a torque averter) is designed to make the power delivery to the rear wheel smoother.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


The Goped Liquimatic's use is generally limited to on-road conditions. It performs incredibly poorly in rocks and is unable to operate in sandy or wet conditions due to the simplistic drive mechanism. In smooth road conditions, the small size and light weight of this scooter cannot be beat.


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Brakes Edit

The primary braking system of the sport is the front caliper brake. The front brake is operated via a hand lever on the left side of the handlebars. Although the stopping power of the wheel caliper brake is limited, it is ample for the speed that this scooter can attain.

Throttle Edit

A simple two finger throttle.

Adjustments Edit

Must frequently adjust rear axle to keep proper pressure from tire onto spindle.


You'll never have to replaceEdit

If you have the version of this scooter which came with the Zenoah G23LH engine, you most likely will never need to replace it.

You may eventually have to replaceEdit

The hard rubber tires of this scooter will eventually wear out. They are cheap and easy to replace.

The torque-converter fluid level needs to be checked from time to time. Finding a replacement part is difficult. Many broken Liquimatics have had the converter removed, which essentially yields a yellow Sport.

You should immediately replaceEdit

Nothing. This scooter is solid in stock form.

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