Goped Know-Ped

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The Goped Know-Ped is a foot-powered scooter designed to be used in skate parks and light commuting.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Brakes: Front wheel caliper and rear stomp fender
  • Wheels: Plastic
  • Tires: 6" hard tires
  • Handlebars: Welded T-bar
  • Forks: single-sided steel
  • Folding: Goped slide folding
  • Deck: wood
  • Frame: 4130 Chromyl
  • Frame Protection: none
  • Dry Weight: 13 lbs.

Controls Edit

Brakes: will wear down over time Edit

Throttle: there isn't one Edit

Adjustments Edit


This push scooter is the best choice for adults at the moment in the market. Reliable and sturdy.The only problem with this scooter is the back brake, it gets broken easily, other people who has this scooter have got the same problem. it needs revision.

You'll never have to replaceEdit

You may eventually have to replaceEdit

Hard Rubber Tires

You should immediately replaceEdit

Grips, KnowPed comes with hard plastic grips that hurt palms and fingers. Bak brake will get torn in the folding point, only weak point of this scooter.

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