Goped Go-Quad

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The Goped Go-Quad is the first kart produced by Goped. It has a simple, spindle driven design.

  • Motor: Zenoah G23LH (Japanese)
  • Oil Mixture Ratio: 40:1
  • Battery: n/a
  • Fuel Type: Mixture of Unleaded, and 2 stroke oil
  • Top Speed: 2mph minimal, 18-22 mph max depending on weight
  • Range: 10-20 miles depending on driver (full tank)
  • Clutch: Left hand bar, (acts as a clutch system)
  • Transmission: spindle drive
  • Tension System: gravity
  • Brakes: Rear wheel caliper brake
  • Wheels: plastic
  • Tires: 6" hard tires
  • Handlebars: Butterfly style steering wheel
  • Frame: 4130 Chromyl
  • Dry Weight: 38.5 lbs.
  • Available colors: Red


Goped Go-Quad spindle

The direct spindle drive

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Goped Go-Quad brake

The rear wheel caliper brake





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