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The Goped GTR (aka "Goped Trail Ripper") is the first production scooter to introduce the C.I.D.L.I. suspension system. With its extreme front and rear suspension and knobby tires, it is designed primarily for off road use. A similar version of this frame was used to construct the GTR Interceptor on-road scooter and the GTR Roadster.

The GTR is an exception off-road scooter due to its impressive 6" of travel C.I.D.L.I. suspension system and incredibly light weight(46lbs) design in comparison to other large engine, full suspension scooters.

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CIDLI suspension

Full CIDLI Suspension in action

The Goped GTR has both front and rear C.I.D.L.I. suspension arms which allow for a full 6 inches of movement on both the front and rear. The suspension also acts as an acceleration depression resistant system in that the front suspension arm will resist depression when braking and the rear suspension will resist depression when accelerating.


File:Goped GTR46 transmission.jpg

The GTR uses a three shoe centrifugal automatic clutch which engages when the motor has reached a certain RPM. The GTR's chain drive is more durable and consistent than a belt or spindle drive. The chain drive will continue to operate though through mud, sand and water.

Cast vs. billet engine mounts. The earliest production models that came with the Chung Yang R420 had a billet aluminum engine mount and clutch housing. With the change to the Chung Yang R460 engine, Goped changed to a cast aluminum engine mount. There seems to be no difference between the two except for aesthetics.


File:Goped GTR46 controls.jpg

Three different levers will be found on a stock GTR setup, 2 on the right and one on the left. The left lever operates the front disc brake while the upper right engages the rear disc brake. The lever on the lower right is a small, black, plastic lever which operates the throttle.

Goped GTR46 front brake

front disc brake

Goped GTR46 rear brake

rear disc brake

Brakes. The GTR brakes include powerful the Goped Maddog calipers which engage 2mm disc brakes on both the front and rear tires.

Throttle. The throttle is on the lower right. It operates a simple bowden cable which leads back to the engine.

Adjustments. Suspension rod stiffness, chain tension, and tire pressure.


The GTR is relatively simplistic in design and will require little maintenance. There are really only three maintenance tasks that will need to be performed throughout the life of the scooter: brake cleaning, chain tensioning/lubrication.

Cleaning the brakes. Cleaning the brakes of the Goped GTR is exactly as simple as you would imagine. For the most part, the back brakes will be the only ones which will need cleaning. This is due to the proximity of the rear sprocket to the rear brake disc can caliper. It is very common for loose lubrication from the chain and sprocket to find its way to the brake disc. The best way to clean the mechanism is to give it a good spray with brake or carb cleaner. Either of these should cut the grease away with minimal wiping.

Chain tensioning/lubricating Tensioning the chain on the is done through the process of loosening the clutch mount bolts (that attach the clutch mount to the frame and then using the pusher bolt (it is a carriage bolt) to increase the tension until the chain is tight. It is important to check chain tension before every ride since a loose chain can destroy the clutch's pinion gear very quickly if it slips on the chain.

It is important that the chain is lubed often, but even more important that it is clean. A chain that has picked up sand or other contaminants must be cleaned before it is used again or the life of the chain and sprockets will be dramatically reduced. Luckily, cleaning is as easy for the chain as it is for the brake discs. A couple blasts from a brake cleaner or carb cleaner will usually clean out all of the old oil and sand from the chain.

For more complete information, see the guide to chain maintenance.


There have been many changes in the manufacturing of the GTR since the 3rd production run. Many things have been improved such as the rear sprocket(better design and tougher metal helps your chain last longer) and the toe guard (welded onto the frame instead of being bolt-on's to the deck).

Things you'll never have to replaceEdit

Deck and the gas tank.

You may eventually have to replaceEdit

File:Goped GTR46 used rods.jpg

The suspension compression rods. The suspension compression rods give after about 1 year of intense riding. You will need 4 for the front and 4 for the back, you will also need a Suspension compression rod replacer. For a guide to constructing a home made replacer, see[1].

The Pull start Due to CY's less than perfect pull start materieal on earlier production runs, the GP460 and GP420 pull start are known to break after short use.

The support tube. If the headset bearings which hold the support tube in place are not kept well greased and tightened the support tube will wobble slightly and end up bending into an oval shape. If this occurs, the support tube and headset (bearings) may need to be replaced.

GTR frame crack 1
GTR frame crack 2
GTR frame crack 3

The rear swingarm. A few reports have been made about subtle cracks developing in the rear swing arm of this scooter. Whether this weakness is the result of a bad production run or is a continuing problem is now cleared, the torue of the engine is realted with the welds to weaken over time . In the affected scooters it seems to take only a year or so of riding for the cracks to appear.

If cracks do appear, they can either be welded shut or Goped can be contacted with a warranty claim. According to Steve Patmont of PMW, this frame is covered by a lifetime guaranty.

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