The Goped GSR46R is one of the most powerful street scooters released by Goped. It is intended to be a street-only scooter since it lacks any form of frame-based suspension.

When it was released, the GSR46R, Goped marketed it as the fastest production scooter in the world. Although the claim is debatable, it could very well have been true due to the high speeds attainable with the large Chung Yang R460 engine. It is possible the manufacturer intentionally understated the max speed as most areas in the US require scooters to be sub 50cc and sub 30 mph.

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Three different levers will be found on a stock GSR46R setup, 2 on the right and one on the left. On a stock setup the left lever will operate the front brake. The lower-right lever operates the rear brake while the upper-right regulates the gas/throttle. There is also a right thumb engine kill switch as required by California law.

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The brakes on the GSR46R consist of the powerful Goped Maddog brake system.

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Top right, gas and go.

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As the chain stretches, it gets loose and can derail. Goped included an adjustment carriage bolt (similar to motorcycles) which tensions the chain by actuating the whole engine mount on one of its bolts.


Braking The rear brake tends to get with oil from the chain and road debris due to its location next to the rear sprocket. With frequent cleaning, the rear disc brake and Maddog calipers will function very well, but if cleaning is neglected, performance degrades quickly. The front brake does not have the same problem due to its location.


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As the chain stretches, the sprockets can wear. Replacement can be deferred by using a quality chain lube, keeping proper tension on the chain, and replacing the chain as part of routine maintenance

The pullstart on the 46R engine is spring-loaded in such a way to require very little force to start the engine. Many users have yanked it too hard, causing it to break apart. Still, others claim the assembly has broken under non-abusive use. By slightly modifying a standard pullstarter for use with this engine, some riders have had better luck.

You should immediately replaceEdit

The clutch springs are dreadfully fragile. They will eventually break and can cause damage to the shoes or the clutch bell. Lighter "clutch saver" springs are available for about $15 (US).

Many owners have adapted two shoe pocket bike clutches to their Goped GP460RS engines. According to the reports, these clutchs perform much better than the standard three shoe clutch.

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