Goped ESR750H

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The Goped ESR750H is a chain driven, full suspension, electric scooter. It was designed as a combination of C.I.D.L.I. suspension system and the Goped ESR750. What emerged was an impressive cruising scooter with no emissions.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Motor: 24v - 750W Brush D/C w/ Aluminum heat sink
  • Battery: 4 12V SLA
  • Top Speed: 19 mph (in turbo mode)
  • Range: 8 miles
  • Clutch: none
  • Transmission: chain drive
  • Tension System: auto-adjusting chain tensioner
  • Brakes: Front disc brake
  • Wheels: magnesium
  • Tires: 10" air tires
  • Handlebars: welded T-bar
  • Suspension: Front and rear C.I.D.L.I. suspension
  • Folding: Goped slide folding
  • Deck: wood
  • Frame: 4130 chromyl
  • Frame Protection: none
  • Dry Weight: 62 lbs.

Controls Edit

Brakes Edit

The braking system is managed by a Goped Maddog caliper and rotor on the front wheel. The electric motor controller system does not provide regenerative braking, but the movement of the engine will decelerate the scooter a little if the throttle is released

Throttle Edit

The throttle is operated via a thumb lever on the left side of the handle bars. It interacts with the controller system underneath the deck to control the amount of current going to the electric motor. Goped calls their electric throttle and power availability gauge a "Flux Capacitor," with a nod to the "Back To The Future" movie trilogy. There have been multipe versions of this part, so call the company before ordering a replacement.

Steering Edit

The handlebars are a one piece design aluminum T-bar as found on many of the entry-level Goped models. For evryday riding, they provide sufficient strength. I've never seen a bad weld, and the choice of aircraft aluminum reduces the overall weight of the scooter. A nice touch on the Hoverboard is the slight offset from 180 degrees; the bars bend slightly towards the ride for comfort.


You'll never have to replaceEdit

Frame - beg to difer, my frame broke on NYC streets. PMW doesn't care!
Steering components

You may eventually have to replaceEdit

The brush card. As the electric engine ages, the brush/commutator interface will get worn and may need replacing. These little motors do last a long time though, so replacing the motor should be of little concern.

The batteries. Over time, the SLA batteries will lose their capacity and will require replacement. Since the batteries are of a common variety, replacements are common and relatively inexpensive (~$70). You should be able to get 300-500 cycles out of the batteries before capacity will fall substantially.

The chain tensioner. This spring-loaded part provides constant tension on the chain to discourage de-railing. Over time, it may wear down, and a replacement is about $40. Some people have removed the tensioner, which provides a quieter ride, but at the expense of a thrown chain now and again.

A note on the weight On the stock model, there are four (9A 12V) lead batteries arranged in series-parallel to provide sufficient power and an 8mi range in "turbo" mode. This adds significant weight, and since it's concentrated under the deck, it takes some getting used to. At 67lbs, it's not the type of scooter you would want to haul up a staircase daily. However, Goped has incorporated a lifting strap to try and make the task a bit easier. For comparison: The gas model equivalent is 46lbs, and the original Sport weighs just 20lbs.

Balancing the cells On the SLA battery models, there are 4 cells arranged in series-parallel. As the cells will deplete unevenly, the power provided is limited to what's left in the weaker batteries. This will effect the range. A simple solution is to tie the two packs together with a jumper. It takes very little time, and the cost is less than $15. Instructions can be found here.

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there is a new version of goped esr750h hoverboard. it is called goped esr750h hoverboard Li-Ion.

PMW raised the bar of its own high standard of quality and innovative design earlier this year with the 2008 GoPed ESR750H Hoverboard®. Now, moving forward with the same design features of the ESR750 Hoverboard we introduce the ESR750H Hoverboad Li-Ion.

Li-Ion battery technology offers much greater battery capacity, corresponding to increased range, all while reducing weight and improving battery cycle life. The Li-Ion versions also operate on a slightly higher voltage, so in combination with less weight these Li-Ion ESR Models have an increased performance over their Lead Acid counterparts.