Goped ESR750

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The Goped ESR750EX is a chain driven, air tire, electric scooter that was designed to simply increase range over the Goped ESR750. According to Goped the ESR750EX had a 50% increased range over the Goped ESR750

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Motor: 24v - 750W Brush D/C w/ Aluminum heat sink
  • Battery: 4 12V SLA
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Clutch: none
  • Transmission: Chain drive
  • Tension System: Auto-adjusting Chain Tensioner
  • Brakes: Front disc brake
  • Wheels: Magnesium
  • Tires: 10" air tires
  • Handlebars: Welded T-bar
  • Forks: single-sided steel
  • Folding: Goped slide folding
  • Deck: wood
  • Frame: 4130 Chromyl
  • Frame Protection: none
  • Dry Weight: 52 lbs.

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You'll never have to replaceEdit

You may eventually have to replaceEdit

The brush card. As the electric engine ages, the brush/commutator interface will get worn and may need replacing. These little motors do last a long time though, so replacing the motor should be of little concern.

The batteries. Over time, the SLA batteries will lose their capacity and will require replacement. Since the batteries are of a common variety, replacements are common and relatively inexpensive (~$70). You should be able to get 300-500 cycles out of the batteries before capacity will fall substantially.

You should immediately replaceEdit

The front sprocket. Some ESR750EXs were released with out-of-round front sprockets attached to the engine. You can tell if your sprocket is out of round by lifting the back wheel off of the ground, engaging the throttle and watching the auto-tensioner's movement. Here is a video example of what an out-of-round sprocket looks like (watch the tensioner jumping up and down). An out of-round_sprocket can cause the chain to jump off of the rear sprocket and cause damage to your scooter and even lock up the back tire and cause a crash. Goped will replace the sprocket for free if contacted.

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