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The Go-Ped scooter was invented and patented by Steve Patmont of Patmont Motor Werks (PMW) in 1985, and since then, PMW and the Go-Ped have dominated the scooter industry. Like many other manufacturers, the sales of Go-Ped scooters have been affected by sales of cheap (flawed) Chinese knock offs, but it has continued to be the most prevalent manufacturer.

With the introduction of the original Sport spindle driven, hard tire scooter, PMW gave the scooter industry a cheap and reasonable gas powered scooter, set in motion the formation of the International Scootercross Association and raised the bar for other designers like Puzey and manufacturers like Evo Powerboards, Tanaka, BladeZ and Boxer to meet.

Although they have entered into common usage, Go-Ped, Ped and Goped are registered trademarks of PMW. An original Go-Ped prototype as well as a more current version of the Sport reside in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Behring Center in Washington, D.C.


1985 : Steve Patmont launches PMW, creators of the "Go-Ped".
1989 : PMW outgrew the garage and into multiple warehouses in Livermore, California
Jul 2004 : Federal District Judge issues broad injunction prohibiting the importation of infringing gas and electric motorized scooters from China, Taiwan, and Korea.
Mar 2004 : PMW files suit against the Chinese Gov. and various Chinese Mfgs. over unfair trade policies.
Dec 2004 : ESR750 Wins Scooter of the Year Award
Jan 2005 : Pro 60 62cc scooter released to the market
Mar 2005 : PMW releases EX version ( ESR750EX) of the ESR750
Apr 2005 : PMW releases Sport version ( ESR750 Sport) of the ESR750
Nov 2006 : PMW introduces new Trail Ripper Quad as an off-road kart
Feb 2007 : PMW introduces the Riot as a pit bike like off-road scooter
Mar 2007 : PMW launches new Grow-Ped designed for Skate Parks and the GTR46 Trail Ripper is featured in the movie Reign Over Me
Aug 2007 : PMW introduces the GTR Roadster as an alternative to the GTR46 Interceptor.
Fall 2007 : PMW introduces the ESR750 Hoverboard, a full suspension electric scooter.


Gas Scooters[]

Goped Bigfoot
The Goped Bigfoot was the first air tire scooter released by Goped. It featured a spindle drive similar to the hard tire scooters that preceded it....more
Goped GSR Cruiser
The Goped GSR Cruiser is a chain driven, air tire scooter. It was marketed by Goped as quiet, reliable and economical, targeting beginners who wanted a scooter to learn with....more
Goped GSR Sport
The Goped GSR Sport is a chain driven version of the Goped Sport. It is the only chain driven, hard tire scooter to be released by Goped. It's design is intended to combine the ...more
Goped GSR25
The Goped GSR25 is a chain driven, air tire scooter. It was designed as a more economical version of the Goped GSR40....more
Goped GSR26R
The Goped GSR26R is a chain driven, air tire scooter that preceded the Goped GSR29R. It was released shortly after the Goped GSR25. As opposed to the GSR25, ...more
Goped GSR29R
The Goped GSR29R is a race-oriented scooter released as a successor to the Goped GSR26R....more
Goped GSR40
The Goped GSR40 is arguably the most reliable scooter to leave the production floor of Patmont Motor Werks. It is powered by the Zenoah G43L-D engine, a reliable, Japanese, four port two ...more
Goped GSR46R
The Goped GSR46R is one of the most powerful street scooters released by Goped. It is intended to be a street-only scooter since it lacks any form of frame-based suspension. When it was ...more
Goped GTR46
The Goped GTR (aka "Goped Trail Ripper") is the first production scooter to introduce the C.I.D.L.I. suspension system. With its extreme front and rear suspension and ...more
Goped GTR46i
The Goped GTR Interceptor is an on-road version of the Goped GTR. It sports street tires and higher gear ratio than its older bother. Check the GTR page for detailed info as this ver. only ...more
Goped GTR Roadster
The Goped GTR Roadster is an economy version of the GTR Interceptor. With the exception of the smaller Chung Yang GPL290 engine, a different motormount and clutch, and ...more
Goped GeoBigfoot
The Goped GeoBigfoot is a faster, more efficient version of the Goped Bigfoot. It sports a larger engine and a clutch mechanism which allows the driver to disengage the engine in order to ...more
Goped GeoSport
The Goped GeoSport was marketed as "just like the Sport, but lighter, faster, quieter and easier on the environment." The GeoSport was quite similar to the ...more
Goped Go-bike
The Goped Go-bike is a powerful, chain drive miniature bike with a frame similar to that of other Goped scooters. It had a rear monoshock. Excluding the frame, parts are interchangeable with ...more
The Goped Liquimatic is nearly identical to the Sport scooter with the exception of an oil filled torque converter system. The Liquimatic's torque converter (referred to by ...more
Goped RIOT
The Goped RIOT was introduced along side the Goped GTR46 as a pitbike like "scooter". Like the GTR46, the RIOT features front and rear CIDLI suspension. ...more
Goped S25
The Goped S25 is very similar to the GeoSport except that the clutch is missing on this model. Otherwise, S25 and Goped GeoSport are the same scooter....more
Goped Sport
The Goped Sport is nearly identical to the first scooter that rolled out of Patmont Motor Werks. It's extremely simplistic design and economy engine keep things simple. Nothing fancy ...more
Goped Super X-Ped
The Goped Super X-Ped was the closed course competition version of the popular Goped Sport gasoline powered motorized scooter produced by Patmont Motors in the early 2000's. The Goped ...more
Goped X-Ped
Goped X-Ped is a trick version of the Goped Sport which has been reinforced in order to handle the abuse of jumps and tricks. The X-Ped has a protective under-deck scrub board to ...more

Electric Scooters[]

Goped ESR750
The Goped ESR750 is a chain driven, air tire, electric scooter. The ESR750 was one of the most successful scooters that Goped developed because of its reach into an untapped ...more
Goped ESR750H
The Goped ESR750H is a chain driven, full suspension, electric scooter. It was designed as a combination of C.I.D.L.I. suspension system and the Goped ESR750. ...more
Goped ESR Sport
The Goped ESR Sport is a chain driven, hard tire, electric scooter. Goped marketed the ESR Sport as a lighter, less expensive to the Goped ESR750....more
Goped ESR750
The Goped ESR750EX is a chain driven, air tire, electric scooter that was designed to simply increase range over the Goped ESR750. Thicker SLA batteries with higher amp hours fit ...more

Human-Powered Scooters[]

Goped Grow-Ped
The Goped Grow-Ped is a miniature version of the Goped Know-Ped. It is designed to be used by youth....more
Goped Know-Ped
The Goped Know-Ped is a foot-powered scooter designed to be used in skate parks and light commuting....more
Goped Super Grow-Ped
The Goped Super Grow-Ped is a upgraded version of the Goped Grow-Ped. Unlike the Grow-Ped this scooter has clamped handlebars, a thicker support pole, thicker axle bolts ...more


Goped Go-Quad
The Goped Go-Quad is the first kart produced by Goped. It has a simple, spindle driven design....more
Goped Super Go-Quad
The Goped Super Go-Quad is a high performance version of the Goped Go-Quad. For this model, Goped added the Zenoah G260RC engine and aluminum alloy wheels....more
Goped TRQ
The Goped Trail Ripper Quad is the first full suspension production kart. Goped used their C.I.D.L.I suspension to fully suspend both front and rear wheels of ...more


Go-Ped and their products have been featured in several short clips and interviews about the mini motorsports industry and Goped's involvement in it. On October 4th 2004, Steve Patmont was interviewed by NPR's Laura Sydell about Chinese importation. Go-Ped was also featured in an article in Sprawl Magazine on May 5th of 2004.

In 2007, the Go-Ped GTR46 was featured in the movie Reign Over Me as a transportation device used often by one of the main characters.

Various videos have also been made to display the technology behind Goped scooters such a video of the Go-Ped GTR46 on Beyond Tomorrow and various videos released by Go-Ped themselves (Riot, GTR46, TRQ and ESR750).

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