Faster_Gun FG:GTR

Faster_Gun'ed was built for a multitude of reasons. One of the main reasons for starting this was to win the Goped Nation build-off. By entering the build-off I had a dead line, without one, nothing seems to get done. This ped won first in the build off despite many awesome peds in the competition.

The Beginning Edit

I started out with a stock, 42cc Go-ped Trail Ripper. I had just been riding and having ripped every last tooth off the rear sprocket. I decided to Troll GPN. In doing so I spotted the 07/08 Build-Off thread. I was like "Alright! Ill be in it and just fix up my ped!" I had purchased the deck for the ped awhile ago but was arguing with the seller about the scratches.

The Color Edit

You may or you may not know and love the rich blue on the ped. I received many "It's powder coated right?" comments on GPN. Heres the shocker, Its rattle can, more commonly known as Spray Paint! I got the color from my friend Curtis' ped. I mistakenly went with a darker less pretty blue. To get your Go-ped to look nice you need to do proper prep work.

  1. Take everything off the frame
  2. Strip it down using a wire brush and a rotary tool
  3. 5-10 coats of primer
  4. Let it completely dry
  5. Sand down the prime so its even
  6. Spray and Pray 3-5 coats
  7. Let dry
  8. 5 coats of clear coat
  9. Re-assemble

The Mods Edit

Not only is this ped pretty, but it was also pricey.

Engine mods

  • ADA Trail ripper headkit 13:1 dome $190.00
  • Proline rattlesnake pipe $200.00
  • TS 460/62 exhaust manifold $45.00
  • Pocket bike clutch $139.00

Other (non directly engine related) mods

  • Old style DDM pole $115.00
  • ADA billet rims $114.00
  • Engine Trix Ripper deck $85.00
  • Billet clutch housing/motor mount $199.99
  • TGN 6 tooth sprocket $20.00
  • Custom break clappers $40.00
  • DDM tank cover $11.00
  • ADA billet gas cap $19.00
  • Pipewrap $15.00
  • Fatboy silencer $23.00
  • Billet intake manifold $33.25
  • Outterware pre filter $13.00
  • Outterware pullstart cover $15.00
  • Team go-ped pro grips $33.00
  • 2 new Tires (badlands) $19.50

For a grand total of $1352.49 in mods alone! That makes $2352.49 of ped sitting in front of you!

This ped can be found for sale on Ebay: