The Evo SPX is a scooter developed by Evo Powerboards as a racing version of the Evo 2x. Evo developed a special slipper clutch transmission in order to give the driver more control over how power is transfered from the engine to the wheel.

The SPX experienced lukewarm interest since the slipper clutch drive system was only effective in competition. The Evo two speed transmission of the 2 and 2x proved far superior for transportation use.

Technical Specifications

Controls Edit

The Evo comes stock with 4 sets of controls on the handlebars. On the left is the rear brake lever and clutch. On the right is the front brake lever and throttle lever. Each control operates a bowden cable. These types of cables are commonly used on bicycles and are easy to find and replace.

Brakes Edit

Evo brake caliper

Evo's simple lever calipers

Evo brake disc

non-standard disc mount pattern

The braking system on the SPX is managed entirely from the handlebars through the application of pressure to disc brakes on each wheel. The front and rear brakes are nearly identical. They both use a pulley to squeeze shoes onto the brake disk on scissor like caliper arms.

These brakes are a non-standard mounting and will not accept industry standard discs calipers without fabrication.

Throttle Edit

The throttle is a simple finger lever which operates a Bowden_cable which is routed down through the support pole and deck to the carburettor of the engine.

Clutch LeverEdit

The clutch of the SPX is operated by manipulating the clutch level on the left side of the handle bars. When the lever is in its default position, the clutch is fully engaged. When the lever is squeezed, the clutch will slowly disengage and let the engine rev freely.

This clutch allows the driver to let the engine remain in its optimal RPM range while slowing down or going around corners in order to use the engine's momentum for a burst of power when leaving the turn.




Things you'll never have to replaceEdit

The Frame and SuspensionEdit

Even though this scooter is largely designed with light weight aluminum, it is reinforced with steel where necessary. This makes the frame and structure of the scooter nearly indestructible.

The EngineEdit

Active 50

The italian Active 50 engine

The Active 50 is not only an impressive power plant, it is also one of the most reliable engines available. A properly maintained engine which is run on 91+ octane fuel with a proper mix (1:40 - 1:50) will last the life of the scooter.

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