The Evo L2x is the result of the criminalization of scooting as transportation. The L2x was designed to be a "legal" version of the Evo 2x. In order to do this, Evo added lights, a catalytic converter, a license plate holder and various other commuter oriented enhancements.

The L2x has a vehicle identification number and is certified for vehicle tax and registration.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Controls Edit

The L2x has 4 sets of controls on the handlebars. On the left is the rear brake lever and shifter. On the right is the front brake lever and throttle lever. Each control operates a bowden cable. These types of cables are commonly used on bicycles and are easy to find and replace.

Evo brake caliper

Evo's simple lever calipers

Evo brake disc

non-standard disc mount pattern

Brakes. The braking system on the Evo L2x is managed entirely from the handlebars through the application of pressure to disc brakes on each wheel. The front and rear brakes are nearly identical. They both use a pulley to squeeze calipers with shoes onto the brake disk on scissor like arms.

These caliper style disc brakes are not as powerful as they could be due to the flexibility of the calipers. When squeezing the handles, the brakes will feel soft. This turns out not to cause much of a problem due to the excellent friction characteristics of the brake pads, but switching these brakes out for a standard set of bicycle calipers is a common modification.

The wheels have a non-standard disc mounting scheme and will not accept industry standard discs without fabrication.

Evo shift lever

The bottom lever switches to second gear and the top level returns to first gear.

Shifting. The shifter is a two lever thumb shifter which bears the name "Puzey" on the front and "microShift" on the back. It operates a bowden cable which extends through the support pole and frame to the transmission behind the operator's feet. 2nd gear is achieved by pressing the lower lever which squeezes the pressure plates of the 2nd gear clutch. 1st gear is return by pressing the upper lever which releases the cable and lets the 2nd gear clutch spin freely.

Throttle. The throttle of the L2x is a simple black plastic finger lever on the right side of the handlebars.

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