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Zenoah G2D-58 08-13-2018
Zenoah G2D
The Zenoah G2D-58 is the original 2 stroke power plant of the California Goped. The Zenoah G2D-58 is the predecessor to the Zenoah G23LH slant plug engine. What's special about ...more
Chung Yang R460 06-13-2018
Chung Yang R460
The Chung Yang R460 is a 45.1cc two-stroke Taiwanese engine distributed by Goped. Other than the Zenoah G62, the R460 is the largest, highest ...more
Tanaka 47 FSDAH93 05-20-2018
Tanaka 47
The Tanaka 47 is a 46.5cc 2-stroke engine that was designed by Tanaka to be used in power equipment....more
Zenoah G43L-D 03-29-2018
Zenoah G43L-D
The Zenoah G43L-D is an engine produced by Zenoah. It was designed with efficiency and reliability in mind and is hailed as one of the most reliable scooter engines ever available....more
Zenoah GZ25N23 08-12-2015
Zenoah GZ25N23
The Zenoah GZ25N23 is a 2-stroke engine produced by Zenoah....more
Zenoah G260RC 02-16-2013
Zenoah G260RC
The Zenoah G260RC is a race-inspired engine produced by Zenoah....more
Tanaka 40 06-05-2011
Tanaka 40
The Tanaka 40 is a 39.8cc 2-stroke engine. It is part of Tanaka's "Purefire" series, a series of motors which are designed to lower emissions to meet ...more
Active 50 03-27-2011
Active 50
The Active 50 is a 51.7cc 2-stroke engine produced by Active, an Italian engine manufacturing company. It is legendary as a big bore scooter engine because of its performance and ...more
Honda GX35 06-29-2010
Honda GX35
Honda's GX35 is a 4-stroke, overhead cam single cylinder engine. Unlike most 4-stroke engines, the GX35, as well as the GX25 is specifically designed to work ...more
Tanaka 47r Grandpaglyn 03-20-2010
Tanaka 47r
The Tanaka 47r is a 46.5cc 2-stroke engine that was designed for high performance scooters and go karts. It has various improvements over the Tanaka 47, including stock porting and a ...more
Chung Yang R290 01-31-2010
Chung Yang R290
The Chung Yang R290 is a 28.5cc two-stroke Taiwanese engine distributed by Goped....more
Zenoah G230RC 01-17-2010
Zenoah G230RC
The Zenoah G230RC is a race-inspired engine produced by Zenoah....more
Zenoah G23LH 08-27-2009
Zenoah G23LH
The Zenoah G23LH is a 2 stoke engine. Replacing the G2D, this model, generally referred to as "the LH", was the power-plant for many Gopeds, including the Goped Sport, Goped Liquimatic, ...more
Zenoah GZ51N GUIDEGUIDO 06-29-2009
Zenoah GZ51N
The Zenoah GZ51N is a large 2-stroke engine that was limitedly produced for Goped by Zenoah. As a strato-charged engine, it was intended to be the powerplant for the Goped Trail ...more
Chung Yang R420 GUIDEGUIDO 06-29-2009
Chung Yang R420
The Chung Yang R420 is a high performance Taiwanese engine with a 78mm clutch. This was the original engine on the Goped Trail Ripper and Goped GSR46. Those models were quickly updated once the ...more