Boxer FS-1

The Boxer FS-1 is a full suspension, spindle driven scooter.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Motor: Bluebird 47 or Tanaka 40
  • Oil Mixture Ratio: 32:1
  • Top Speed: Tanaka 40 23 mph & Bluebird 47 35 mph, dependent on motor with stock spindle.
  • Range: Tanaka 20-25miles with 1.5liter tank I don't know the mpg for bluebird 47
  • Clutch: centrifugal 78mm
  • Transmission: Spindle drive(.750 stock)
  • Tension System: 3rd bearing
  • Brakes: Front floating disc brake
  • Wheels: Plastic rims/rubber tires
  • Tires: all terrain/slick 10" air tires
  • Handlebars: Welded T-bar 35mm?
  • Suspension: Front and rear suspension
  • Folding: yes can also make it fixed with I think it's the 35mm clamp.
  • Deck: wood
  • Frame: High tensile steel
  • Frame Protection: none
  • Dry Weight: 40 lbs.

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