ADA 49cc headkit

The ADA 49cc head-kit is designed to be used on 49cc pocket bike engines, but is a direct fit for the Active 50 and Mitsubishi 52. It is designed to provide an increase in acceleration with additional cooling. The kit also contains an interchangeable dome which can produce 13:1, 15:1 or 17:1 compression.

When this head-kit is added to a 49cc pocket bike engine, it raises the displacement to 51.7ccs. The Active 50 and Mitsubishi 52 already have a displacement of 51.7ccs.

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The performance of this head-kit depends on what engine you will be adapting it to.

Mitsubishi 52 For the 51.7cc Mitsubishi engine, this head-kit does not raise displacement, but it does provide a much better cylinder, adjustable compression domes and greater cooling. In this case, the head kit provides significantly better acceleration without affecting top speed.

Active 50 This is the only engine for which ADA 49cc head-kit is not a complete upgrade. Active 50's have a much lighter piston than the head-kit provides. That means that this head-kit will lower the maximum RPM that the engine will be able to reach. For this exact problem, ADA produced a special dome for this kit that will allow you to continue using your Active's piston.

Generic pocket bike 49cc This head kit is a perfect all-around upgrade. You will see greater power, a higher top speed and better cooling.

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